There Are Major Dos And Don’ts Of Discipline Believers – Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe Says


Prophet (Dr.) Israel Oladele Ogundipe is the presiding Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ Genesis Global, a fast growing Celestial church not only in Nigeria but across the globe.

Having seen the good works of this active man of God, who’s a humanitarian that has been of benefits to the less privilege and even other citizens of Nigeria, a group of journalists led by Arems Adeniyi of met with the man of God last week at the church auditorium based on his merits and his interpersonal relationships with the congregation of his cathedral and others.

Prior to the interview, some basic healing words from his teaching in his last church service where he listed few characteristics that are important to the possession of human as a living object, which one of them is “Contentment”, he advised that without one being satisfied with one’s assets, it might leads to unforeseen circumstances that might drag the downfall of man to a quick existence.

He also expressed more on “Competitors” as well, as he preached to the congregation to disembark themselves from friends like foes who see them as a competitor, as they have nothing relevant to offer to the hub of friendship. One of the key-points in his preaching was recorded and pinpointed that “I do not need anyone to like me or to get impressed with me, in as much God loves me and he’s always impressed with all that I do”.

Aftermath of his teaching/preaching, the reporters and journalists visited his office and demanded an interview which was granted immediately by him. Below is the highlights of the interview with the Prophet;

*Based on the vast growth of ritualism among the youths of the country, what can you say to be the cause and how can it be controlled?*

_I’ll bring all back to leadership, as it all lies on the appropriate parenting and right background. Using my Father as an example, my father was so strict that we cannot watch television in another man’s room, your parents are your first mentors not teachers. My Advice is that, do not let the situation of the country compromise or terminate your dreams. Do not be used by any leaders._

He ended the session with the basic fact that we all need good mentors as individuals, that if one does not have a good mentor, one can’t be mentioned in the phase of life. Prophet Ogundipe Oladele Genesis appreciated all journalists and reporters present, and basically he rendered his accolades to the Pioneer of 1stelevn9jatv, Mr. Wasiu Aremu Adeniyi, popularly addressed as Arems for his good deeds and activeness to the media realm and to Genesis Global Church.

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