Yewa/Awori Governorship Race: Time To Forget About Bitter Politics

As the cause to liberate Yewa/Awori continues, we must be careful of the steps we take today so as not to affect the political future of the zone most especially a senatorial district that is known to be a second fiddle in the political affairs of Ogun state.

Since the inception of Ogun state over 40 years ago, Ogun west senatorial district which is made up of the Yewa and Awori tribe, is yet to produce a governor while other tribes, the Egbas and the Ijebu’s have handed over the batton to each other like running a 4×400 metre relay race. The only position deemed fit for us have been the second in command which we still occupy till date.

Recently, political gladiators and true sons of Yewa/Awori have come out to clamour for change of Status from being a second fiddle to one of the rulling elites in Ogun state. The arrangement was for us to support the present state governor,His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun who is from the Ijebu zone for a two term of eight years while we prepare a credible person to take over from him in 2027.

However, it is surprising to see that such an excellent arrangement is now being threatened, as some polticians who claim to be true sons and daughters of Yewa/Awori prefer to remain in the position of a second in command. What can be attributed to this is nothing but greed. We can’t afford to serve the Ijebu’s for another eight years. The Egba’s are watching with keen interest and will want to take every opportunity that comes their way come 2027.

If truly the interest of Yewa/Awori is at play, no one who is from this zone should ever think of taking the position of a second in command again after missing out on the slot the number one citizen for over 40 years. If we don’t get it right now, we may never get it right again.

It is high time we put politics of bitterness aside and work together for the common goal, good and prosperity of our zone. We’ve served as deputy for four years, we only have four more years to get to the promised land, we should not thread the part of the Israelites. Anything we do now, posterity will judge us all. The divide and rules policy must stop while we focus on achieving a single goal which is for the zone to produce the next governor in 2027.

We urge the good people of Yewa/Awori not to allow few people who because of their greed and selfish interest continue to mislead and draw back the hands of development of our zone. The arrangement must stand. We will support this current administration to succeed. The government of Dapo Abiodun will hand over to us in 2027 by God’s grace.

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